Stuart Hall School

Photographs above by Malcolm L. Kantzler, SMA '65

Henry "Hank" Thorndyke, III, SMA '65 and
Pat Stewart, SH '65 in front of the Porch
(What was it went on under that porch?)
Photograph courtesy Pat Stewart, SH '65

Henry "Hank" Thorndyke, III, SMA '65 standing with Pat Stewart, SH '65, and
her classmate Ginger Anderson (now Marlowe) and Joe Carbonero, SMA '65.
(Joe lost both legs in Viet Nam)
Photograph courtesy Pat Stewart, SH '65

When this Valley of the Shadow archive picture was taken, Stuart Hall was known as Virginia Female Institute, but this building remains as one of many on the modern-day campus, and most of us who were once visitors will remember some anxious moments waiting on that porch for the arrival of our hosts.  Of course, now the main entrance to the reception area and administration offices is around the left side of the building.

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