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Silkscape Arts provides complete, global-English, Web-design, hosting, and marketing services.  The sites linked to the “eggs” and to other objects on this page, and their domain-relative links, were all created by Silkscape Arts.

  • Web-design services include site design, domain-name procurement or transfer, and ISP gateway placement with e-mails.
  • Marketing services include affordable account set-ups for Web search-engine-ad placements, which are the most cost-effective means for placing your product or service before a targeted audience, and besides performance-based costs, they also allow you to precisely control your total Web-advertising budget.  The search-engine companies bill-boarded include Google, Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, MSN, Dogpile, Knight Ridder, InfoSpace, Metacrawler, ESPN, CNN, and others, and the best part is that they all are designed for you to take over complete management through just two, intuitive, online control-panel systems.  Gone are the high, ongoing marketing-consultant fees and the guesswork about ad effectiveness.
  • Costs are low.  Most of the sites linked here were created using all of these services for less than $1,200, with monthly maintenance fees less than $25, plus predesignated ad costs—that amounts to a maximum of not much more than $100 per month for the first set-up year alone!  And after that, if your site doesn’t require design or content revisions or additions beyond those included with the monthly fee, the costs really plummet, with only the monthly maintenance fee and the ad costs, which never exceed your designated budget limits.
The World Wide Web is now the fastest growing commerce and communication medium in history.  Can you afford not to be a part of it?

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