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About these Pictures

This slide-show portfolio is designed to be viewed at 800x600 65K-color or higher resolution and is intended to provide only a glimpse of the photographic style that you may expect.   A no-obligation appointment to view the portfolio of actual pictures may be scheduled.  These photographs are made as small as possible to reduce loading times yet still provide a worthwhile view, and the image quality of these pictures is accordingly reduced.   The photographs that appear at the top of the home page, pricing page, and sample Web page are also in the above slide-show portfolio, and comparison will immediately show the difference in quality, since the top-of-page images are larger and of greater resolution to provide a Web image as good as it can be against considerations of acceptable load times.  Keep in mind, also, that, due to glare, monitor brightness and contrast settings, image quality varies from monitor to monitor and even the best of photographs edited for the Web are no match for original photographic negatives or the prints they produce.  Be sure NOT to be viewing an overly bright monitor or in a bright room.  To appreciate the beautiful tone and rendition of the color of our pictures on the Web, environmental light should be subdued and the monitor positioned to avoid glare, with monitor brightness set at about 75 percent of its range and contrast at about 5-10 percent HIGHER.  But, regardless of the wide variance in monitor settings, the prints wedded couples receive, where there is no variance (other than the color-cast of the light source in which they are viewed), are guaranteed to be of exacting quality in color, tone, and density.  Note the monitor setting scale on the home page.

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