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The Littlest Bridesmaid

Viscaya Estate is the scene of this wedding story, focused on the the littlest bridesmaid.

There are circles within circles at any wedding, and this bridesmaid, the daughter of the groom, was a dutiful and loving participant in welcoming her new stepmother into the family.

While any wedding coverage centers upon the bride’s circle, a photographer must always be scanning the key family members and guests to capture the moments that compose their part of the wedding story; so, there is never a pause from recording one image to planning and moving on to the next.  The amount of film or use of the equipment really cannot be among the problems in the process, and a thorough knowledge of the camera’s operation with its accessories is imperative if the photographer's attention is to be fully upon the events and conclude in successfully achieving the desired results.

With foresight, hustle, and the confidence that comes with experience and professional equipment, the imaging of the circle of The Littlest Bridesmaid was completed and made a part of the photographic story of this wedding.

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